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A healthy lawn is the first line of defense against any disease outbreaks, pests, weeds, and season changes. The right amount and type of lawn maintenance, hydration, fertilization and nutrition is the key to a vibrant lively green lawn.  Our Port St Lucie lawn service experts will formulate a custom plan to take care of all the needs your lawn has to thrive. A simple way of checking your lawn for possible damages or impending problems is to do an on-site turf inspection. When you call for a free estimate, Best Choice Lawn Service will be glad to perform this service for you at no cost!  We will assess every layer of your lawn, as problems can arise from anywhere. We’ll look at the top grass blades: Are the blades of your grass yellowing or ragged? Then inspect the base of the grass turf: Does there appear to be any thatch buildup? Then we look below the surface: Is the soil texture too dense or loose? Is the grass turf growing deeply? Is the root system deep and interconnecting below the surface?  This is just one of the many steps that proves that we are The Best Lawn Mowing Service Port St Lucie Has To Offer!

Once we complete our thorough inspection, we will customize a port st lucie lawn maintenance plan to ensure you get the very best results out of your lawn for the longest amount of time possible. We offer four different Port St Lucie Lawn Care preventative maintenance services:

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4 Preventative Port St Lucie Lawn Care Services:

1. Fighting Off Weed Growth

There are plenty of types and species of weeds that could take over your yard quickly if not given the right amount of attention or proper treatments. The trick to stopping weeds in their tracks is to catch the seeds when they’re the most vulnerable. In addition, proper Port St Lucie lawn care such as a regular fertilizing schedule, raising the mowing height, and watering deeply and infrequently are all strategies that we implement to combat weeds.

2. Defeating Harmful Insect infestations

Some of the effects of insect infestations can be greater than those of lawn diseases, so it’s important to identify the damages to your turf lawn and what is causing them before determining the most beneficial treatment for your lawn care. If patches of your grass appear wilting, discolored or dying, it can be easy to mistake this for lawn disease.  However, evidence like bite marks on the grass, insects that are visible, weak, skinny or missing roots, and holes in the soil all suggest evidence that insects or pests are the culprit. Effective pest control is achieved when pests are correctly identified, as not all insects have the same effect or damage the lawn the same way.

3. Combatting Turf Lawn Diseases

It may not be simple to identify why dead or discolored grass turf may be occuring and even the healthiest lawn could create the conditions in which disease spores can float into your yard through the air or hide deep in your soil, and grow. Fortunately for you, Best Choice Lawn Service is here to help with experience in eliminating these types of issues. 

Common Port St Lucie Lawn Diseases

Certain turf, lawn, and grass diseases commonly occur in south Florida. 4 common types of these diseases are brown patch, dollar spot, leaf spot fungus and root rot. Such lawn diseases can cause irregular lawn shape, patches of brown or yellow grass. Fortunately, each of these lawn diseases can be treated through regular lawn disease treatments, and routine lawn care can decrease these damaging problems or prevent them altogether.

Some of the 4 most common issues we see include:

  • Brown Patch fungus (Rhizoctonia Blight): This lawn disease is often found in St. Augustine and turf types of fescue grasses. Brown patch is a fungal disease that can be severe. It usually occurs when temperatures reach above 85 degrees during the day, and 70 degrees at nighttime. Long  periods of high humidity, rain, and heavy night time irrigation can increase the disease’s severity. To combat the presence of brown patch, homeowners should refrain from watering their lawns at night, as heavy moisture for extensive periods allows the intensity of the disease to spread from one area to another. A great practice for watering would include only watering your lawn from 4 a.m. to 9 a.m. Also, a properly aerated soil will reduce brown patch fungus, by increasing air circulation.
  • Dollar Spot: Dollar Spot is a lawn disease that feeds on every type of warm-season grass. This is most closely related to seeing “bleach spots” in your lawn. When in fact blades of grass that are affected appear to have lesions. As this continues to grow, spots on your lawn the size of a silver dollar and larger are present. The condition of soil moisture and nitrogen fertility being low, can cause dollar spots to thrive. In order to keep dollar spot under control in the present, and keep from coming back in the future, maintaining great proper fertility is essential. You can accomplish this by utilizing a lawn fertilizer made up of a fast-acting and slow-release nitrogen. A great practice is to always mow your lawn with a sharp mower blade, and to avoid mowing your lawn when the grass is wet.
  • Leaf Spot Fungus: Leaf Spot Fungus is a lawn disease caused by a lack of air circulation and an excess amount of moisture. These conditions can create spotting on the foliage of a variety of plants. Proper cures for leaf spot fungus include the use of fungicides to treat plants and prevent reoccurrence.
  • Root Rot: Root rot does just like what its name states… It causes the roots of plants to rot.  This then leads to plants dropping their leaves, a condition called chlorotic leaves(a yellowing of the leaf tissue due to a lack of chlorophyll), and occasionally a white fungus at the base of the plant. While root rot usually occurs in plants and trees of different varieties, it can also inflict severe damage to turf grass as well. The presence and identification of root rot is best identified by a lawn disease professional. Best Choice Lawn Service is available to help here as well!
4. Improving Site Conditions

Your property doesn’t necessarily need to be improved because of a problem that is present. Revitalizing your turf lawn is a fantastic idea regardless of any circumstances; many times the quickest and most preventative actions are the ones that are taken when no issues are present at all. Quick improvements to site conditions include: aerating your turf lawn, watering the soil deeply and infrequently, and mowing the lawn with care and proper technique. For these and other ways to improve your site’s conditions, Best Choice Lawn Service is available to inspect, assess, guide, and perform all necessary lawn care services. When you call for a free estimate, Best Choice Lawn Service will be glad to perform this service for you at no cost!

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