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Here at Best Choice Lawn service in Port St. Lucie, FL, we specialize in Tree Trimming!  Find out how our professional staff can care for your trees today!

The Best Tree Trimming Service
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Here at Best Choice Lawn Service, we pride ourselves on being your one-stop-shop for all your tree service needs in Port Saint Lucie! Whether it is the smaller jobs all the way up to the large undertakings, we are prepared to give you expert advice and world-class service. Our attention to detail is what makes us one of the greatest tree services Port Saint Lucie, FL has to offer!  We ensure a superior standard of quality tree trimming service that will allow the growth to happen the right way. Our attention to detail is the ticket to ensuring the year-long maintenance that your trees need. We are also dedicated to offering the expert service of tree removal in Port Saint Lucie, FL to safely remove damaged, dying, or dead trees from your real estate, residential or commercial property.

Tree Trimming Service Port St. Lucie, FL

Protect Your Property And Trees For Hurricane Season

When preparing several months prior to hurricane season, follow the tree trimming checklist below:

  1. Have a Port Saint Lucie tree service expert prune trees during the dormant season or in early spring each year. 
  2. Trim away all of the dead limbs and previous growth from the past years. 
  3. Make sure not to over-trim your trees. When in doubt, call a Port Saint Lucie tree service specialist to assist you.

The checklist above helps ensure that your trees are lighter, stronger, and are better equipped to handle the storm season. When in doubt, give us a call today!

If You Are Looking For The Best Tree Trimming Service Port Saint Lucie, FL Has To Offer, Then You Have Come To The Right Place!

Best Choice Lawn Service will put your mind at ease by pruning away the dead branches on your trees that might fall in heavy wind seasons. If you have noticed any dead trees on your property, you should have them removed so that they do not become a hazard in storms. It is a good idea to keep the large, healthy branches. Less is more!  Less cutting is sometimes best as the larger a cutting wound to a tree is the more likely chance for infection and disease to invade the tree. Then if your tree becomes unhealthy due to disease or infection, it will be more likely to fall during a heavy wind storm such as hurricane season.

There are a few “don’ts” when it comes to tree trimming in Port Saint Lucie, FL.  Some companies may request to “top” or “hatrack” your trees, or “lion tail” your trees.  These practices are illegal in many counties and municipalities because of the damage it can cause to trees. This practice can actually kill trees off rather than make them safer for storm season

Always call Best Choice Lawn Service if you have any questions about the trees on your property.  We are ready and available to help you today!

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